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Thank You For Listening

"I want to thank you for spending the time you did with me during my appointment. Based on how I feel today, I know that your diagnosis was correct. I went to numerous doctors before my appointment with you and no one listened to me like you did. They all wanted to think I was depressed or anxious. I had a follow up with doctor Abdullah last week and I'm doing so well they gave me permission to travel back to Australia. I wonder where I would be in my journey if I had not met you. My family and I are so grateful for your medical care and advise and today I really only have a few symptoms that are still bothering me." CM, Australia.


LDN and mast cell activation syndrome

Thank you for all of your help. It's a bittersweet event to get positive tests...in one way I'm thrilled because I felt like I've always known, but now it's real. The gift is that I don't have to do this alone anymore. I have your expertise and I don't have to be scared. Thank you so much for that.

GOOD NEWS....day 36 and no migraine. I'm a little slow but I'm at 3.5 LDN. My GI pain is gone, just some cramps once in a while, my asthma has really calmed down. I get some nausea but usually when I do too much, and right now I can't do much. I've been through a lot with surgery and this flare so I'm doing slow and steady. I have the chance of a lifetime and I'm gonna take it. I eat low histamine, really just meat and eggs sometimes. I'm doing protocol. Everything is slow and going in a positive direction. Each week is a bit better. What more could I ask for?? It's wonderful. Thank you so much and I'll see you soon!!


Starting to feel better! Brain fog not an issue anymore!


I am almost up to 4.5mg of LDN and my fatigue and itchy leg symptoms are SO. MUCH. BETTER. I can't even begin to describe the difference in my energy levels. I wanted to ask your thoughts on the SIBO symptoms of bloating and constipation. Will we be addressing those next? Is there a certain timeline for that in regard to the MCAS treatment?


Thank you so much for all your help. I know that cure is the goal but I'm very happy to feel manageable at the moment. I feel like I'm not actively dying anymore. Hopefully, this stays and gets better. Thanks so much!


For the most part I am better I had stopped taking all the medicine/supplements for a while and have starting having the bloating again so I am going to start back on the regimen for a while.
I have not had any attacks so that is great!!


I have been taking two ketotifen twice a day and it's helping a lot. Could you please write a script for twice the dose in one compounded capsule instead? It would save a lot of money.


Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for making the time to see me back in April. I have been to various different Doctors for years and not only has nobody been able to diagnose MCAS, I was often disappointed in their limited follow-up and how easy it was for them to simply avoid making any diagnosis via a referral elsewhere. Again, thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.


Since the significant reduction of stress in my life starting January of this year, and the near elimination of any alcohol in my diet, I have been feeling much better. I take Allegra, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B6 daily now, which also makes a difference. While I am feeling pretty good on the whole, I still don't feel great, like I did, say 6 years ago.


I just wanted to write you a quick message to let you know that I have noticed a dramatic differences in my POTS symptoms over the past couple of weeks (since starting the Cromolyn and Pyridostigmine). In regard to my energy levels and overall ability to "do" things (cleaning, cooking, playing with my toddler, etc.) I would say I really am starting to feel like my old self! I know we have tried a lot of different things, so I just wanted to pass along this good news to you. Thanks for being on my team and leading this journey back to health.


I have done really well overall, despite the excessively high mold count this year. Started Xolair injections, I will update you after the first of the year on their effectiveness.
GI issues have been under control with the meds.
At this point, I feel you have more than kept your promise of diagnosing and treating me to improve my quality of life (I paraphrased a little).


First of all, the whole MCAS medication clump seems to be helping, which is encouraging. I'm still having reactions regularly, but at a lower frequency than before. I was actually able to reintroduce limited amounts of egg into my diet (getting enough protein has been difficult, so I gave it a shot recently).


I'm sure you don't remember me; I'm 2 years out from last time seeing you. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I'm doing wonderful. I still take everything you recommended, I have gained all my weight back. I can have gluten just not too much. My heart is completely better and I can exercise again. I never feel like I'm going to pass out any more. I just can't thank you enough. I'm thankful every day.


I wanted to report that a few weeks into cromolyn I am feeling so much better. Much less gastro problems, more energy, less brain fog, and way less inflammation. Thanks for helping me to get on this! It's been a miracle after years of suffering. -K


Thanks so much for your help! My current mast cell cocktail is working very well, by the way and I am feeling and functioning much better these days. Thank you again for all you do!


I had a humming noise in my ears for a long time.. It stopped 2 weeks after I started the mast cell medicines. The burning smell stopped also.


DR WEINSTOCK WOW... so I was already starting to feel a bit better as I added Quercitin/D/C/Pepcid this week and changed my diet, but I started LDN 1mg in the morning on Thursday and HOLY SH*T I apologize for my language but I cannot freaking believe how much better I feel. I did not realize how bad my fatigue, muscle pain, and brain fog had gotten. I am also noticing the way some of my flare-ups are working although I cannot identify triggers yet. I wanted to thank you for putting me on this medication - oh my god. I forgot I could feel this good, Talk soon - thank you so much again for your life-changing efforts. I can't stop crying of happiness. Can't wait to keep improving!


I have had a complete turnaround with the LDN.  I can't thank you enough.
The info also helped my mom--she has the same symptoms and her doc helped her with treatment.  Ripple effect. MO, Indiana


"LDN has been a godsend for my colitis." SM, STL



After 2 years of severe food intolerance and weight loss, and seeing numerous specialists, I traveled out of state to see Dr Weinstock under the suspicion I had SIBO. In the span of a 15 minute appointment, he had checked off a list of possible disorders and gave me a list of diagnostic tests to get done with my local GI doctor. It was an efficient and productive appointment, and I left feeling hopeful, more than I had felt in 2 years. While I was home, he was responsive through the patient portal, and willing to consult with my local doctors. He suggested we look for a rare congenital disorder, and thanks to his suggestion, I was diagnosed and am in the process of getting the treatment I need to correct the issue. He made recommendations on facilities with the best treatment options. He was such a strong advocate and I always felt taken care of. Without Dr Weinstock, I don’t think we would have discovered the root of my issue. The staff at SIG were efficient and helpful as well, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. JR, IA


Clear Passage Testimonial

When my GI specialist suggested I see Clear Passage to help with my SIBO, I had already had 7 abdominal surgeries, was struggling with severe scar tissue and adhesions, and suffering from anxiety and sleep issues.  I was very worried about the pain and discomfort I would feel during the therapy. Michelle, the Clear Passage therapist, was a brilliant match for me physically and emotionally.  She was so masterful with her techniques and mindful specifically to my needs while she was with me.  She was absolutely amazing during our 20 hours of treatment.  Words can truly not express my gratitude for the level of care I received from her.  Right after treatment, I was able to take full breaths of air, move more freely, have less painful bowel movements and eat larger portions.  Within weeks after treatment I was able to get off all my sleep aides and anti-anxiety medications.  I know that having this procedure saved me from having another abdominal surgery for a bowel obstruction.  I believe whole heartedly in this company, the therapists with whom they trust their clients, and the process they use to heal our bodies.

-CB, Indiana
Licensed Professional Counselor, Psychology Instructor, SIBO patient (3 years)



“It is amazing what you guys did for me – I have 95% relief of my restless legs – rarely do I have problems and it is only for 2 minutes. If you want me to appear on an ad for you I would.” HG, St. Louis


I cannot convey enough, how cared for your office has made me feel! The attention, concern and treatment I have received at GI Specialists has absolutely renewed my faith in medicine! You have been nothing but courteous and helpful to me in my calls and inquiries. I appreciate that more than I can say. SD, Arizona


"Thank you Dr. Weinstock for all of your help. I actually have my life back after being treated by you." MH, Granite City. IL


I am writing as directed after ten days treatment on low dose naltrexone to tell you I am doing very well. I also had treatment with two antibiotics prior to that. I now have regular daily bowel movements, the constant pain (gripping feeling in my feet is reduced), the prickling and burning I feel in my legs in the evening and sometimes during the day rarely occurs, and I have a much higher level of energy. The change to me is unbelievable. I have had some problems sleeping which started developing the first week. One night I did not sleep at all. This seems to be going away gradually and I would like to keep trying to see if I can get by without a sleeping pill. Last night I slept for five hours. I feel this is a wonderful improvement and I am deeply grateful to you for your help. A.V.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your staff. From a patient perspective, your staff (Erin, LaTonya, Naomi, Michelle and Heather) worked for many days to get my insurance verified. I know I became frustrated with the whole process. The good news is that in the end, I was able to put the head of benefits on the phone with your billing department and we got it taken care of.

My point is twofold, first and foremost, my wish is that you thank these people for their hard work. It was a problem on BCBS end and your staff was relentless to get me certified. Second, you have an amazing practice from AEC and SIG. I will proudly continue to refer patients to your practice. I am not an easy patient but whether it is Brenda in the Lab, Linda in infusion or Sharon giving me my B12 shot, I feel like I get great care. Other practices would be wise to follow your model. T


I forgot to feel what it was like to be normal - no more gas, pain, fatigue, restless feelings in my legs at night with difficulty falling asleep; my wife notices that the bathroom no longer smells after I use it and that I look and feel better and no longer have a puffed up belly. C.O.


Since my SIBO treatment I have never felt better - I feel 20 years younger and have no more bouts of diarrhea - I feel like a new person and have even lost 25 lbs. E.P.


Dr. Weinstock, Heather and Jean and then entire staff there, I thank you. You have gone beyond the call of duty to help me get better. I’ll never forget your kindness. Sincerely, M.M.W.


I don't even know where to begin except to say that after suffering for months and months without any help from GI specialists here, in a few brief emails you cured me and I can't thank you enough. You did not even know me. I was an email out of the blue, yet, you took time out to share your expert opinion with me and helped me when no one else could. I was down to 95 lbs and I knew what would happen if I lost 10 more lbs. It was ironic that after all I had survived, I was going to die from further weight loss due to SIBO!  What is truly remarkable is that relief happened practically overnight. I started the SCD diet and took the Xifaxan as you suggested and in a few days I was back to normal and have remained so.  Now, some of the non-believers are believers. I gave your information to Dr. Heather Landau at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. She was very interested and felt that this will help many of her other patients.


The doctors and physician assistants

Most doctors seemed to give up after they couldn’t determine the source of my bleeding. It was very frustrating and scary for me and my family. Dr. Weinstock was different. He generally cared and was determined to figure out what was wrong. He kept in contact, gave me clear guidance and stuck with me and finally determined what was wrong and then came up with a plan that worked. JS, St. Louis


I thought Dr Weinstock was great went beyond for me. After my Procedure the needed to speak with my OB. He made a person visit with her. I feel Dr Weinstock really cares about his Patients health.

I cannot say enough good things about my doctor. He is very friendly, upbeat, energetic, compassionate, professional, and just a pleasure to be associated with. This was my first colonoscopy. So I was a little scared. He made me more comfortable for sure. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. C.N.

My doctor was reassuring and understanding. I will keep in touch as required. R.G.


You met with my son, in December of 2007. He had been experiencing a number of gastrointestinal issues and was quite frustrated with his situation. Since his appt/consultation with you, he has taken the antibiotic and has been on the Prevacid and probiotic consistently. This approach has been beneficial, and he has experienced definitive improvement. You had called me personally, which I appreciated! I had instructed Zach to follow up with you by email to let you know his progress, but I decided to also contact you. I wanted to thank you for your effective treatment! I will have to thank Dr Kodner for this excellent referral!

Zach will be living in St Louis and attending SLU this fall. Hopefully, he will continue in good health, but I take comfort in the history of quality care he has received.


My doctor was very professional and caring. He has a very nice demeanor and I would recommend him in the future.


I love my gastroenterologist at SIG. He was my doctor a few years ago and he has also treated my son. He is professional, compassionate, personable, easy to talk to, and easy to understand. Besides all of the above qualities, he has a great smile and makes you feel comfortable and assured. I would recommend him to anyone. D.D.


My doctor is a wonderful doctor he has a professional attitude and a wonderful bedside manner. Both my wife and myself see him, we wouldn’t see anyone different.


My doctor was nice. He talked to my husband and me and told us the results, and what we needed to do. Followed-up with 3 phone calls. He is very professional and I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family. G.L.


What a great doctor! J.M.


You (PA) really take the time to listen to me and I appreciate all of the help. I have been feeling so much better since coming to see you. B.M.


My PA is always thorough and takes time to explain things to me. I feel very comfortable coming to this office. M.E.


My doctor at SIG is a wonderful doctor. She always takes time to answer your questions and I never felt she rushed me out. I think trust in your doctor is very important. Well worth the trip thru traffic to see her.


Thank you so much, you have been incredibly thorough and answered all of my questions. Thank you for spending so much time with me.


You have been a tremendous help, thank you so much for your time.


The office experience

The NextMD website is quite resourceful, enjoyable, and easily accessible! I don't know of any physicians, besides yourself, who “go the extra mile” and use a website to communicate, respond to questions and concerns, and to provide vital, supplemental health information in order to better care for patients. I commend you and your office for this exceptional service!

Sincerely, L.L.

Your facility is wonderful. The staff is always friendly and upbeat. I have so much faith in my doctor. My entire family gets their GI care here. M.M.


This is the most efficient office I have ever been to! Everyone has been great.


Top notch.


This is the most organized doctor’s facility I have ever seen. K.D.


Had a very good experience!!


I was very pleased with my experience. J


I had a very positive experience with your office and staff. I highly recommend your practice! Thank you.


Everyone went above to make my experience as pleasant as possible.


Great care and treatment.


Keep up the good work. We greatly appreciate all your help when we need to see the doctor.


Office staff, physician and auxiliary medical staff provided excellent, professional treatment. Thanks to all involved.


I can say without reservation-this is one of the finest places I have been for treatment. I felt cared for and my procedure was comfortable and excellent. I will highly recommend this facility and will return myself when the time comes. Thank you for making the experience stress-less.


Your secretary is a doll – she helped me get my medications when I could not afford them. K.S.


Thank you so much for all your help. Your PA has been great to work with! E.B.


The new laxative preparation with a light breakfast the day before the colonoscopy was helpful. Thanks. Everyone was professional and helpful! J.B.


Well run office facility. 

Very smooth and calm atmosphere. I always recommend this office.

 Everyone was very professional and courteous. You have my highest rating.

 Very satisfied with everything.

 This is a good place. Seems to run smoothly, which gives me confidence that I am receiving quality care.

 All assistants, lab folks, everyone appears motivated and engaged. From here, this looks like a model organization.


“I have never had an unpleasant experience at the SIG facility, whether at regular office or endoscopy center. It’s always pleaseant and comfortable and the staff is professional but not stuffy and friendly and helpful, as well as reassuring. It says it all when one sees staff members that stay for years with low turnover. Love my doc too!”


Advanced Infusion Center

On December 6, 2016, I’ll be at your office to get my 21st infusion of octreotide. Once a month the infusion nurse gives me my injection. The process is simple, your office is clean and the staff is professional and friendly. The injections have been a success and I feel great.




Fecal Transplantation for Recurrent C. difficile

“Little did I know that taking Clindamycin for my abscessed tooth would make me so sick. I experienced roughly 6 weeks of stomach discomfort, including watery diarrhea, nausea, light headed and just overall ill feeling. At first I thought it was a stomach virus that would pass. I then began to think I was gluten intolerant, yeast intolerant….I eventually went to my primary physician. Under the care of my primary physician over the next 3 months I was treated for suspected c. diff and was given multiple Rx for Metronidazole antibiotic even though my lab tests always came back negative for c diff.

I ended up in the hospital emergency room with finally a confirmed case of c diff and that is where I was referred to Dr. Weinstocks office. Which was a life saver!! Dr. Weinstock mentioned the FMT procedure initially. I was a little apprehensive and I thought the different antibiotics may do the trick. I was prescribed vancomycin, which I had symptom relief while on antibiotics, but as soon as I would end Rx symptoms would return within a few days. I tried vancomycin taper. I tried Dificid treatment. Each time I would feel improvement for short time, but symptoms would eventually return. I had trouble finding a specimen donor for FMT so I continued with antibiotic treatments hoping for a better outcome each time.

I finally had the FMT procedure and felt better almost immediately after procedure. I am over 8 months post FMT and I have returned to normal activities without C. diff symptoms. I still have stomach sensitivity. I think because of the havoc my colon endured for so many months. In retrospect I wish I would have had the FMT procedure immediately when diagnosed with C Diff.”


Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Therapy

"This is my first review of any kind and I am highly motivated to write it because, for the first time in years, I am free of IBS symptoms and of the "sibo" (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) that used to dominate my life.  After experiencing stress and frustration from the failure and/or reluctance of local doctors to recognize and successfully treat the condition underlying my symptoms, I located, through research, Dr. Leonard Weinstock, whose GI practice includes sibo, and is a relatively short 4 hour drive from my home in Memphis.  I was able to get an appointment with him within 30 days of my call and was requested to send a complete set of medical records.

By the time I arrived for my appointment, Dr. Weinstock had a summary of my records, asked questions, and clarified issues so that he was able to give me a treatment plan before I left.  While my local GI had treated me with Xifaxan, the very expensive, but also very effective drug to treat sibo, my sibo never went away.  During the past 10 months since my first (and only) visit to Dr. Weinstock's practice, I learned to purchase the prescribed meds from Canada (the generic drug, rifaximin, at a reasonable price not available in the US) and prucalopride from the UK; had a colonoscopy and endoscopy (at my local GI office, but with input by from Dr. Weinstock) to rule out other conditions;  and received dietary information from the SIG website and website links.

While I felt better, and experienced an improvement in my symptoms, my sibo persisted until Dr. Weinstock suggested that I try an over the counter medication to dissolve biofilm, which could trap the sibo in my small intestine, where they do not belong.  Apparently, this medication worked and, finally, I experienced the long-awaited "die off" of the bacteria and feel like a new person.  The result of my 7th, and most recent, test for sibo, was "normal" for the first time ever.

The knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Weinstock and the staff is excellent.  As a patient, I appreciate the promptness with which phone calls are returned and questions are answered.  I highly recommend this practice." E.V., Memphis


"I truly believe you’re are the best GI specialist in St. Louis. I can’t tell you how many physicians I've seen and never received the type of care and follow through you've given me. Most of them just would say its IBS and not treat it. I appreciate you and your staff so much. I've referred anyone I know with GI complaints to you."


"I just wanted to thank you for your help. I have really been so much better.

My bloating has all but disappeared, I have lost over 20 lbs since starting the Specific Carb Diet (nice side effect but not the reason for doing it).

The LDN must be doing something or the mix of the iron, zinc, diet, meds and vit d have made me a new person.

I still am having the migrating pains, stabbing ear pains, numbness and weakness in limbs, and the dry eyes/mouth but not as frequently. Only two really bad GI days in the past 2 months and that is huge for me. I have literally had to change how I eat and lifestyle but it seems to be for the better."
MS, Indiana


"I am so much better and no longer have to take an antidepressant for my IBS." R.F.


I was experiencing severe GI problems and was put on Xifaxan three (3) different times.  I had good results each time.  After the third round of Xifaxan, my problems had lessened a great deal.  I was put on a low dose antibiotic and a probiotic.  My quality of life is much, much better. L.V.


Just wanted to give you an update on my G.I. problem. Doing much better, diarrhea resolved after 2nd dose of Xifaxan, abdominal discomfort and distention is much improved. I have finished the Xifaxan and will now begin the Erythromycin 50 mg. Thank-you so much! Best regards, C.N.


Overall, I think I am doing a lot better. In fact, I am doing better than before I had the trip to Korea and then several times of diarrhea. After I saw you, I went to Alaska for fly fishing in somewhat rugged country (lived in tents, no running water) and thank god had no issues despite some rich meals. I started the antibiotics after the trip about 5 wks ago and everything appears well. For a couple yrs now, I used to get occasional “bloating” after lunch and no longer feel that way. I have had several rich meals and wine etc without any problems. K.Y.


I wanted to let you know that I had decided to go ahead and purchase the prescription that you had given me despite whether or not the insurance would cover it. I started taking it last Wednesday and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner after I started taking it (I misplaced your business card with your website info and I just found it yesterday). I wanted to let you know that since I started taking it, I have been surprised. Only one time, and that was Saturday, did I have a little gas and some loose stool. I've been surprised as to how normal everything is since then. In fact I think I can say that I almost forgot what normal bowel movement is since I've been dealing with this problem for so long. Thus I've not had any gas, diarrhea (other than mentioned above) or cramping since I started taking the medicine. Thank you for all the relief! C.C.


I started the Naltrexone and had wonderful results (normal BM with no cramping/diarrhea, etc)! I am cautiously optimistic!!! L.S.


After taking the antibiotic treatment I must say that I am stunned at this and the effects of the dietary changes in my life. I have never experienced this sort of control over my bowels that I have now. I have not taken a hycosamine nor any other IBS type controlling drug this entire month, in fact, for this year. It would seem that there was not a psychological component to this problem after all. For me to work and not take something to control the diarrhea is absolutely unprecedented. I have not had a solitary episode of diarrhea in weeks. I am most grateful for the help you have provided me. I am not assuming that there won't be setbacks down the road, but if I can maintain my dietary discipline I think things are looking phenomenal! M.R.


I have had IBS since age 14. I am 43 now. Last year I took Xifaxan and it was lifesaving. I used to have diarrhea and soil myself if I did not get to the bathroom in time. It ruined my life. Xifaxan has changed my life. M.S


I have never felt this good. Years of bloating and distention have gone away after twenty days of Xifaxan. I have got my life back.


I was diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth almost 5 years ago. Previous to the onset of this disesase, I was a healthy, active mother of 2 young children. The symptoms began after 2 bouts of stomach flu over the course of 3 weeks. Symptoms included body aches, flu-like symptoms, depression, and severe constipation (over a week without a BM). I visited many doctors, and all the tests they performed (thousands of dollars worth), told me everything was normal. All the medications I tried didn't work. I lived with these symptoms for months, believing at times I was dying.

It was then that someone recommended I visit Specialists in Gastroenterology. I was given a breath test, which showed extremely high levels of methane and hydrogen in my gut. I was given a round of xifaxan, and for the first time in months, all of my symptoms disappeared. Unfortunately, once the medication was done, the symptoms returned. My new doctor at SIG then gave me another round of xifaxan, followed by low-dose erythromiacin. This combination helped keep me well for several months. I repeated similar treatment maybe one or two more times over the next couple of years. It has been almost 5 years since the initial onset, and I have not had a recurrence of symptoms in over 2 years. I believe the drugs helped my body finally heal from the damage (perhaps nerve damage in the gut) that occurred from the initial bouts of stomach flu. I credit my doctor with saving my life as I knew it.

The xifaxan was expensive, and there were times I tried to live without it, but in the end decided my health and being able to take care of my family were worth the cost. Luckily, I was able to afford the drug, even though it was not covered by insurance.

Before I took xifaxan, I tried many other drugs that WERE covered by insurance, that DID NOT work, and had MANY tests run that cost my insurance company thousands of dollars. Insurance companies will save money by covering a drug that actually treats the root cause of this horrible disease.
R.S.; St. Louis, MO


I suffered with IBS, for about a decade, and needlessly. My life was severely impacted because many times I was tethered to my bathroom for a violent flare that left me staying for 32 or more hours at a time on the floor of a bathroom because the siege of my system was so complete there was no point in leaving, the diarrhea so painful, proceeded by such severe full body cramping, it was too hard to make the journey from bed to bathroom, a matter of 12 feet or less, but was afraid I wouldn't make it, or the cramping, doubling me over, meant I was more likely to bang my head or lose my balance. Time taught me to stay where I was. I had gotten to the point that I was a prisoner of IBS, not leaving my home as I didn't want to have to commandeer an entire bathroom at a social occasion of any kind.  A  physical therapist who treated for abdominal pain in a formal pain management program clinic remarks in her notes that I can't make progress because I am on able to make my appointments because of one  IBS flare after another.  The severe abdominal cramping meant and forth by GYN to apathetic and misguided  GI specialists, who told me specifically there was no researching being done on IBS, it was an anxiety related condition,  Desperate to claim back some portion of my life I set out researching every single symptom I had, and it was then when I read a patient's that her doctor had prescribed Xifaxin  it was changing her life.  So, I took it to my primary care and she agreed to start me on it as long as I agreed to keep looking for a GI specialist who was working with this Xifaxin protocol and that the specialist would keep her posted.
Owing to the discovery of antibacterial treatment of IBS with Xifaxan my life has changed.


I saw my doctor as a very sick individual who presented with symptoms of severe painful diarrhea, extreme flatulence, bloating, nausea, and constant belching.  I was unable to leave my home due to constant episodes of painful diarrhea throughout the day and night.  During my frequent trips to the bathroom, I would often break out in a cold sweat and, on occasion, faint.  I became lethargic and weak. My doctor ordered a Lactulose Breath Test, which confirmed his suspicion of SIBO.   He prescribed Xifaxan to treat my symptoms.  After the first round of that medicine, I saw improvement, but I relapsed after a short time.  I took two more rounds of Xifaxan and I am living proof that the medicine does work.  I have been symptom-free for several months.  I cannot emphasize enough what a relief it is to have my life back and to be able to move on with my usual routine.  I am convinced that without Xifaxan, I would still be suffering.  I consider it a wonder drug for patients with SIBO.



Restless legs syndrome and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Therapy

Initial results from Xifaxan (as with 2 dosages left in the course). Averaging 8-9 hr sleep. No longer "as" tired as prior, no naps. This is a great positive. Thanks JB 

I have slept every night for the last month – for the first time in 24 years my legs did not keep me awake. B.B.


I am amazed - after 10 days of the Xifaxan, not only was my RLS and bloating better, but my rosacea and pimples cleared up. D.L.  


After the SIBO treatment my life with RLS is so much better – its like night and day


After 5 days of the Xifaxan my legs stopped moving and for the first time in months I was able to stay in bed all night. R.P.


My RLS is all but gone. I am sleeping – I have no fatigue in the AM. No need for coffee! M.S.


I used to be like a walking zombie. No longer. D.L.


Thank you for curing my restless legs syndrome. C.K.


I discontinued the use of Xifaxan (for approximately three months) because I was experiencing longer periods of no RLS events and the cost associated with the medication.

Approximately a month-ago my RLS returned witha vengance although I continue to take Requip. A week ago I resumed taking Xifaxan everyother day and have had no RLS occurances.

Thanks. W.S.


Rosacea and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Therapy


"A friend stopped me in the street and said your skin looks so much better. Thank you for the treatment." R.R., Wildwood, MO


Today is the last day of the Xifaxan for me. I have the Erythromycin from the Specialty Pharmacy to start tomorrow. I'm no longer bloated, after literally years of being bloated all the time. Cramps have significantly reduced. As an added benefit, the skin on my face looks better than ever. Approx 2002 or 2003, I went to an allergist for testing because I constantly had puffy eyes & nose, and allergy-appearing symptoms. I tested positive for NO allergies. The doctor was looking at my face and said you have something, I just am not sure what. He then said I might have Rosacea, and sent me to a Dermatologist. My face has always been a little bit red in the nose, cheeks, & forehead area, and it was starting to get bumpy. I was given Metrogel, and have been taking Erythromycin twice daily until I stopped it when starting the Xifaxin. This is the best that it has looked in years. It is very smooth, and puffiness (that I didn't realize I even had) has gone away. B.H.


After you first diagnosed my rosacea as being caused by SIBO, I got better for the first time ever. My skin was 80% better and nothing ever worked before. After that, I took Align for 1 month and realized toward the end of the month my skin was not continuing to clear. In fact, I believe it became redder, drier, and I had more pimples. I refilled the Xifaxan and finished the second ten-day course today. Xifaxan made a tremendous improvement. It reduced the breakouts, the redness, and dryness. I have a prescription for the erythromycin and plan to take that as a maintenance dose. S.L.


Improvement was mild to moderate (a definite change). Nothing had worked in the past. Also, in my groin area I have had a tendency to get a rash for years and have used powders to keep dry, extra showers, and nothing seemed to really work but that seems to have cleared up. S.M.


I have had rosacea involving my eyes for years. I told my internist how happy I am with the outcome from the Xifaxan. This has made a huge difference. My doctor would like you to send the info about this treatment. I sent a friend to your office, she had her appointment today and another friend of hers had recommended you as well. M.F., St. Louis, MO


Thank you for recommending the treatment of SIBO for my rosacea. I was initially skeptical of the cause/effect relationship but a little research made me feel more comfortable with the concept. I must admit to being surprised by the result. Within two weeks of treatment, three lesions that had not responded to laser treatments by my plastic surgeon began to clear and were gone after four weeks. My face is still clear sixty days after treatment. THANK YOU. Sincerely, T.P. Olivette, MO


After 10 days of the antibiotic, my eyes vary in redness over the day and are sometimes still very red, but overall they feel significantly better. I am very happy at this improvement. If even more is possible, that would be splendid. Two people have commented spontaneously - one on clearer eyes, another on clearer skin. C.L., St. Louis


The rosacea seems to be improving and want more refills in case I need it since I change insurance in October. Thanks. SM, Fenton, MO 


My eyes are much better. There is less redness in the eye lids and white of my eyes. There is less dry feeling. AB, St. Louis, MO


 After taking Xifaxan for 10 days and then 20 days of Align and 200 mg. of zinc each day, my skin is less irritated and my bloating continues to improve. Eyes are a bit irritated at times, but that is improving as well, I think. Will continue on this treatment and send pictures again in 10 days. Thank you so much for your help :). Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! J.R., St. Louis


The Xifaxan followed by Align and Erythromycin has helped with the rosacea. I have not had any red pimples, since taking SIBO treatment. There is still redness however. The symptoms of constipation have improved. I still get bloating and gas with certain fruit. JM, Metaire, LA 


My visit was on 2/10/11. I filled the Xifaxan 550mg prescription and began the med on 2/11. I noticed within 4 days the rosacea began to settle and become less red. During the 14 days of taking the med I had fewer flushing episodes on my face, and my eyes felt less scratchy in the evening. 
CG, St. Louis, MO



Interstitial Cystitis and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Therapy

I took the Xifaxan treatment for my IBS – was it supposed to help my bladder too – my interstitial cystitis symptoms have improved. N.C.


Advanced Endoscopy Center

The new laxative preparation with a light breakfast the day before the colonoscopy was helpful. Thanks. Everyone was professional and helpful! J.B.


The breakfast made a tremendous difference. B.P.


The facility was very clean and everything seemed to be in its place. This let me know my health and well being was in good hands. Also, the nursing staff seems to know their job and did it very good professionally. Please give the doctor, anesthesiologist, and the nurses a big thank you. B.Z.


Every staff member was very pleasant and gave great care. Service was very one –on- one and personal. I will for sure refer and come back myself. I was also surprised by the phone call a few days after my procedure to check on my status…that is great service! M.S.


Your facility is so clean. Everyone is so professional. I felt so safe. The personnel are efficient, friendly. Offering a warm blanket, juice, etc. J.S.


Everyone was so friendly, so efficient and I absolutely experienced no pain! Thank you to everyone. N.R.


I am a nurse and manage a staff in a medical office. I wanted you to know how impressed I am with your staff and operations. Everything was done smoothly and in a timely fashion. As I watched your staff work they were so friendly and worked well as a team. Very impressive. D.A.


I have referred many people to AEC because of the tremendous care and personal service that I have received. This was my third procedure in six years and I can’t thank the entire staff enough for the wonderful treatment I have received. AEC is truly a professional organization. T.M

Everyone was so friendly and personable and professional. I felt comfortable and confident with those caring for me. Also with the large number of patients coming and going I never felt “shuffled”. I felt individually cared for. Thank You. K.H.


Thank you for making my experience as pleasant as possible. The staff was wonderful, comforting and supportive. R.R.


You can not improve on perfection! R.B.


Staff was very friendly and caring. Great tunes! Never had an IV go in without pain before! K.E.


Quite efficient and convenient. Basically my compliments to the staff that made a rather unpleasant test a pleasant experience there. L.S.


My procedure was painless. The health care professionals were kind, caring, and very friendly. My experience was very positive. Although it is odd to say that I enjoyed having the colonoscopy, I actually did - it was like hanging out with nice people then having a great nap. J.M.


Having my colonoscopy here was the most pleasant experience. I send everyone there now. J.S.


All good procedures. Great result- confirmed no problems. L.R.


Everything went like clockwork, just great. D.P.


Your procedures and test are the best. R.W.


I found the entire procedure to be comfortable, professional, and not the least bit inconvenient, which contrasts with what I have heard from friends who have gone elsewhere. Even the prep was not bad at all. L.Y.


Don’t want to have the procedure again, but if I had to - I would choose them again.


The doctor and staff made me feel extremely comfortable before, during, and after my first colonoscopy. I’ve already recommended him to friends.


My visit to your office was referred by Radiant Research. My procedure was (endoscopy) well explained, very quickly and very comfortably carried out. I was really amazed as there were no after effects such as irritated throat or an anesthesia fatigue. Thank you for what turned out to be a pleasant experience.


I am very comfortable with the whole operation. To date I’ve had 10 endoscopies and this was the best - no discomfort.


I never realized having a colonoscopy could be such a pleasant experience. I am going to tell all of my friends about the wonderful experience I had at the AEC. I won’t go anywhere else.


Down to a science. Gratefully, M.C.